8 Overlooked Supper Spots for Weekend Thrills in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania

You know that new food trend which is sweeping the nation? Well, thankfully the chefs in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania create culinary masterpieces of their own volition. They aren’t followers. These fun dining institutions are sure to take the blues away.

Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania may not win as many James Beard awards or Michelin stars as New York City. Not that the Pennsylvanians care at all though about that stuff. To be totally honest with you dear readers, Kylie Jenner probably would not provide a good review of the Japanese, Indian or Italian grub here if or when there was a visit to Pennsylvania. But that would never bother these residents one iota.

The chefs nearby may not get a plug on Reddit from Patriots fans. But in exchange, Pennsylvanians can get larger portions at half the price of grub holes in Brooklyn. Say you are considering going with seafood, meat or even veggies like baked beans for your primary protein. It’s easy to find something filling. Pennsylvania is full of hippies. The friendly waiters and waitresses in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania can easily match your taste preferences with the perfect apple pies.

These Pennsylvania eateries are not bad for dieters. Although you should be mindful of the huge portions when you order the legendary hot dogs and nachos. Five course gluttonous feasts are easily attainable in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania. Or you could sneak in a quick bite if you have no time.

It may be wrong or it may be right. But it feels so good to get lost in paradise. Given the chance, you would shamelessly face-plant in a jumbo bowl of this munchie love.

Hampton Winds

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3835 Green Pond Rd
Bethlehem, PA 18020