5 Tempting Eateries for Undercover Grubbing In North Greenbush, New York

Traveling to New York for a weekend at a Colgate Raiders game and curious where to eat like a local? You should consider a stop in North Greenbush, New York. The restaurants in North Greenbush, New York are known for being wicked good. They have big fans on each coast and even in Chicago.

Skinny girls and buff bros may not think this town is fashionable anymore. That’s their problem. It is unreal how Snapchat has broadcast this fine food to the world and now everyone is coming around.

Our message to the chefs here: don’t let negative people bring you down. You had goals for your amazing menu items and not even that many! If you want good buffalo wings, check. Perfect burgers, check. We got all the appetizers and main courses to fill you up and keep the fam from making a stink.

It’s fascinating to witness how the waiters and waitresses represent the diversity of the women and men from the Empire State. Your server may be clean cut and well-dressed or they could be hipsters with piercings and odd undercut or neo mullet hairstyles. Either way, they are all experts when it relates to food. In North Greenbush, New York, you can find restaurants that are eccentric. But there are also enough choices for basics and soccer moms.

Tell the waiters you read about the restaurant on the Exception Magazine. Everyone in the food industry reads this site, so you will come across like a total expert. After eating around here, you will be like Elton John and sing “Can you feeel the GRUB tonight?”

The Hollow Bar & Kitchen

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79 N Pearl St
Albany, NY 12207