13 Gripping Moments Kendra Lust Embraced Her Heritage and Now She Is Making It Happen

During these challenging times, our planet desperately needs more positive and inspiring female figures. We think we could all use more Kendra Lust in our daily news. She is known for being two bits sassy and three bits a whole lot of fun. Kendra Lust is a bona fide superstar.

In recent times, she looks cool with or without her Bae. Nevertheless, her rise to the A-List has had its own unique set of challenges.

Critics had been questioning whether she was truly intelligent and a risk taker. As if they’d ask a man that! Thankfully, Kendra Lust completely took all these challenges head on and won enough battles to stay in the game.

She never relaxes because there is always another sexy newbie trying to steal the spotlight. She is now a high net worth individual. Congrats!

The gallery is like a love letter to our fav. Below is a list explaining why we like Kendra Lust.