7 Cafeterias to Understand the Gastronomy Around Elsmere, Kentucky

This time of year, many families travel to Red River Gorge. And when they get hungry, they check out the feeding troughs in Elsmere, Kentucky. The local chefs in Kentucky sure know how to slay from Frankfort to the cities of Cumberland and Hickman counties. And especially in Elsmere, Kentucky.

Skinny girls and buff bros may not think this town is fashionable anymore. That’s their problem. Yet, chasing trends is not a priority. The locals know what is good.

This is an example of a town that Robin Thicke would reluctantly label “Real America.” Even if you are apolitical about your food lifestyle, you’ve got to appreciate the food quality. Looking for cutting-edge vegan or vegetarian restaurants? Or maybe you need to fill up at a classic standby for steaks and chops.

If you like cured meats, you will be inspired by how these cool chefs use hot sauces, sriracha, chili peppers and garlic in their roasts. Casual munch holes in this district offer a depth of flavor that is inconceivably sensational.

These places help satisfy the question: feed me with a restaurant open late near me in Elsmere, Kentucky. Friends, you are all cordially invited to feast like royalty in the Bluegrass State at your earliest convenience.

Mad Mike’s Burgers & Fries

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6420 Dixie Hwy
Florence, KY 41042