10 Marvelous Restaurants for Locals from Arlington, Vermont

Arlington, Vermont has an embarrassing number of table turners. Just imagine enticing feeding troughs all over the map in Vermont. That is the everyday truth enjoyed by the locals in Arlington, Vermont.

Skinny girls and buff bros from Boston may not fight for this community or think a trip to Camel’s Hump is cool anymore. Who cares though. Who cares if Paul Hollywood ever touches down here and chows down in Arlington, Vermont? Those people are all drama anyways and wouldn’t understand how to chomp like kings.

We will battle any people from away in the food court of opinion over this. And it will be a case we Vermonters will win uninamously. We can’t wait to celebrate by feasting at one of these restaurants. Say you are considering going with seafood, meat or even veggies like baked beans for your primary protein. It’s easy to find something filling. Vermont is full of hippies. The friendly waiters and waitresses in Arlington, Vermont can easily match your taste preferences with the perfect chocolate chip cookies and brownies.

In Arlington, Vermont, the menus are now bursting with fresh flavors and modern ingredients. You could try a new vegetable you’ve never heard of! On payday, got money burning a hole in your pocket? Aren’t you lucky!? Yes, there are expensive options here where you can take bae. But there are also working class cafeteries which are worthwhile.

These canteens and watering holes have the variety you need to eat right and live right. It doesn’t matter if you are on a diet or ready to indulge in a huge plate of grub in Arlington, Vermont. After a single meal in Arlington, Vermont, you will be an advocate for all time.

Chauncey’s Family Dining

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5403 Rte 7A
Arlington, VT 05250