6 Most Flavorful Restaurants That Delight in Greenville, South Carolina

During the holidays, many families travel to the Francis Marion National Forest. And when they get hungry, they check out the feedbags in Greenville, South Carolina. The umami levels from the watermelons, squash and beans are unbelievable.

Nevertheless, to this very day, too many blogger critics have not given the chefs in this hamlet a fair chance to show what they can accomplish. However, it must be said that impressing food snobs from NYC is not a priority in this part of Dixie. South Carolinians grasp what is good, nourishing and wholesome.

This article is dedicated to all the epicureans that told us we’d never amount to nothing. And to all the ladies and gentlemen that lived in Jacksonville while we were hustling and just trying to make some money to feed our families. Whether you like beef, pork or chicken for your protein, the restaurants in Greenville, South Carolina can match your taste profile.

Sandlappers who are chefs tend to follow no rules except for what tastes right. Old school Sandlappers especially enjoy the old school taverns in Greenville, South Carolina. It’s like eating your place into history.

Assess this marvelous recap of the top restaurants in this madly provincial part of South Carolina. In case we mistakenly missed a restaurant, please share the feedback on Facebook. Hey there Sandlappers! Let’s gather to grub it up in Greenville, South Carolina.


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