8 Landmark Lodging Spots for a Romantic Weekend in Madison

Madison has the best hotels anywhere. Some are chic and some are shabby chic. All are awesome. We can proudly report back that the hotels in Madison have become something special.

Fortunately, it has become easier to find that perfect hotel or spa in Madison for any budget. We would claim that each traveler should follow their gut when picking the perfect hotel.

Most travellers only want the best price. Yet others care more about the vibe and will pay extra for it. Look, there have been comments that the interior design is slightly out of fashion at some of these hotels. Other than that issue, these truly are incredible places to stay.

Smart options are available for savvy travellers. On behalf of all the local shops that depend on tourism dollars, we wish you an enjoyable trip to Madison!

Hilton Madison

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9 E Wilson
Madison, WI 53703