13 Ravishing Examples of Why Ashley Benson Shed Her Past and Shined Like She’s Better Than a Basic

Can we just state the obvious? Ashley Benson is a slayer. Ashley Benson has become an influential thought leader and essential advocate for the marginalized.

Today, Ashley Benson is one of the most followed people on social media. And let’s be real about why: she earned it all! That being said, she had to fight for her rights.

Way too many naysayers had been arguing on morning talk shows about if she could keep her family in line. Burnout was a real possibility. Ashley Benson should triumph when the day is done. No words from the haters could truly hurt her feelings.

Although she is a class act on camera, she knows you can work hard and play even harder. She sure is a high net worth individual thanks to her successful career in the public eye.

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