13 Cheerful Restaurants for Tourists by Wanaque, New Jersey

Which steakhouse, Tex-Mex or seafood restaurants would you recommend to a tourist visiting New Jersey for the first time? There are so many palatable choices! Sometimes you start shopping for later and you ask the trusty, old cell: “Where can I buy organic cabbage, spinach and Peaches in New Jersey?” And then you realize it would be easier to let a professional handle dinner.

The self-appointed food pundits may look at these tables and say ‘meh.’ Nevertheless, chasing menu trends is not a priority. The locals know what is good.

Our inspirational message to the local chefs here: don’t let the haters hold you down. You can reach for the stars. You could be grazing on peaches, cabbage and blueberries after an outing to a Trenton Thunder game.

The knowledgeable kitchen staff will offer wise recommendations about the ideal courses and wine pairing at the top restaurants in Wanaque, New Jersey. Visitors really should see these places first-hand to taste what we are talking about.

True gourmands must seek new places to dine constantly. You will feel like you visited a food festival after reading.

Coney Island Pizza

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40 Hamburg Tpke
Riverdale, NJ 07457