12 Scrumptious Eateries for Delightful Fodder Near Frostburg, Maryland

Where would you take a first date in Frostburg, Maryland? Imagine terrific eateries everywhere. That is the everyday reality enjoyed by the born and bred locals.

The skeptics from DC may look at our menus, hot dogs or biscuits and gravy and tables and be like ‘meh.’ We don’t care if a shameless famous person like Bostonians ever takes those selfies around our tables.

Frostburg, Maryland is proud to do things their way. And it shows in the food. Just imagine: you could be biting into a dish straight from a deep-fryer right now. Or trying fresh veggies and meats.

The subsequent restaurants range from stations for a quick powerluncheon to party hubs for a fun night out. Some of these restaurants in Frostburg, Maryland are dirt cheap while the remaining are deluxe. All are Instagram worthy.

This is probably the biggest, best list ever of the top dining destinations in Frostburg, Maryland. You will want to write a Yelp post titled “The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Maryland” after tasting these amazing restaurants.

Hen House Restaurant

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18072 National Pike
Frostburg, MD 21532