8 Odd Times January Jones Shed Her Past and Shined Like She’s a Feminist

January Jones has had a hugely successful life in fashion. There is so much we can all learn from her. January Jones has earned a reputation for being aware of the issues and that is evident with how she has navigated her professional life. January Jones is also remarkable for tapping into her femininity in an appropriate manner.

From blogs to magazine profiles, journalists admire her for her looks. We all know she’d rather be known for what she is reading than what she is wearing to an awards show. From another vantage point, it’s been a rocky road thus far.

Doubters were arguing on talk radio about whether she could make enough cash money to maintain her luxurious life. But check the record now. January Jones won. The haters have been silenced.

There is so much we can learn from her. We think its admirable how she helps the next generation. Ultimately, we would argue that fearless females like January Jones are living proof that you must seek great mentors to get to the next level.

These rare yet chic moments capture how January Jones slays and works it right. Let’s discuss the major reasons we heart January Jones.