11 Ways Drake Is a Fearless Male Who Challenges Hegemonies

America needs more provocative celebrities. This is precisely why we admire Drake! He is a dude who flipped the script.

Across America, Drake is recognized as an unconventional archetype of the male ideal. Yet his life hasn’t been a party in the club. The will of Drake has been tried and tested many times throughout his battle with society. He wasn’t even welcomed back by his own home town.

Haters used to question whether his personality was too “pushy” and his attitude too “diva” to succeed at work and in his romantic relationships. Dear media talking heads: stop judging him! If Drake wants to play Xbox with his bros after a hard days night, well, that’s his prerogative.

This year, he has fully accepted that it is ok to celebrate with your homies as long as you are an ambassador for your business during working hours. We truly affirm there is absolutely no confrontation which Drake couldn’t conquer if he put his mind to it.

The following incidents prove why and how Drake slays everyday. Caption these photos for us.