9 Delish Restaurants In Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Grand Rapids, Minnesota has an embarrassing number of food joints. Local Minnesotans have it so good. The food scene here deserves recognition in both America and Canada.

If we lived in a country where consumers were protected from themselves, it would be taboo to party it up at the delightful restaurants here. Why you ask? With serving sizes this monstrous, hearty patrons are certainly bound to get thick. All that considered, arrogant gourmands might want to throw down their AMEX cards somewhere else.

Emphatically, it is not as if the chefs nearby are even aware of those inconsequential views. Here are the best restaurants for you, whether you are a salad lover or a fiend for greasy sandwiches.

Minnesotans who grew up to be chefs around here follow no recipes or rules. They only listen to their own bulging bellies. You really need to experience these places first-hand to see why so many boys and girls are fans.

Gather ’round for the most comprehensive list ever compiled of the top eateries in Minnesota. Feast like there is no tomorrow.

Sammy’s Pizza & Restaurant

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802 S Pokegama Ave
Grand Rapids, MN 55744