13 Great Gastropubs to Test Out in Arlington, Washington

Headed to Olympia and wondering where to eat along the way? Consider a quick stop in Arlington, Washington. Washington restaurants are certain to give tourists a dose of heartburn. They will likely eat too much Concord grapes and carrots while here. Don’t worry. It will all be worth it when your friends like your Facebook posts of Washington.

All the same, too many foodies don’t know beans about this town. We don’t care if a shameless Khloe Kardashian ever takes a selfie around here.

Unique restaurants in Arlington, Washington might not get a lot of Food Network coverage. But it is all good because Washingtonians can easily find great meals without breaking the bank or waiting in lines. To experience the essential eateries of Arlington, Washington, most would suggest that people start in the central restaurant district. For the next nectarous meal or drink, quickly get away from the main areas and venture to some of the German or Asian hot spots we have also highlighted.

In this epoch of consumer conformity and mass produced food, the top chefs are on the vanguard of the resistance. Let’s call them food freedom fighters. Many people are stunned and then delighted by what’s even viable with potatoes or apricots. These noshable diners tend to be hipster chic while the rest cater to the basics and bros.

It may be wrong or it may be right. But it feels so good to get lost in paradise. May we all grub like true Washingtonians tonight.

Nutty’s Junkyard Grill

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6717 204th St NE
Arlington, WA 98223