10 Creative Restaurants for Burgers and Sandwiches In Eastchester, Bronx

When the sun goes down, Eastchester, Bronx opens up with more than enough thrilling canteens. These happy dining institutions will take your blues away.

Accept it or not, this community isn’t some sort of kooky rightwing domain. Yet, impressing someone like Tom Brady has never been a priority. The locals in Eastchester, Bronx know what is good.

Our message to the chefs around here: don’t let them hold you down. You can reach for the stars. Feeling adventurous this evening? Why not sample Asian, vegetarian or Cajun fare? Or maybe something like grits and fried chicken is what your body needs.

At the most expensive restaurants in Eastchester, Bronx, the astute wait staff will offer wise recommendations about the ideal wine pairings. Cutting-edge eateries are now trying to be more bougie for the gals and guys in the most popular restaurant areas. Meanwhile, in the outskirts of town, the pleasant restaurants try to ship comfort foods to parents, workers and students on the go.

Picking the best restaurants has been an emotional rollercoaster since we can’t help wonder if we missed a place. Can you let us know in the comments? You will be happy as a lark if you eat around here.

Dyre Ave Diner

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3803 Dyre Ave
Bronx, NY 10466