9 Primo Belly Busters for a Powerluncheon Near Hazard, Kentucky

Is your family traveling to the Muhammad Ali Center soon? You must make a short stop in Hazard, Kentucky. At these eateries, natural allies like salt and sugar can coexist peacefully alongside sours in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Even though Hazard, Kentucky deserves more credit, there are still foodies who haven’t experienced or tasted the greatness. The locals don’t care if a shameless celeb like Cowboys fans ever takes a selfie around here. People like that should go back to Hollywood or Europe.

The vast majority of Appalachia location doesn’t want or seek celebrity chef validation. Even if you want a pizza for the family or something with a spash of corn and apples, we have you covered.

We can pompously exclaim that actual human beings make all the courses here. And they go organic and avoid GMOs whenever possible. Of the restaurants we have highlighted, the might be more casual for lunching with your ladies while others are for dressing up to talk life with your parents.

We have carefully picked a mix of classic establishments. And we then mixed in the new trendy places. This is the first full survey of the restaurant scene in Hazard, Kentucky. We’d suggest you save room for some bourbon. Munch the night away, dear friends.


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30 Morton Blvd
Hazard, KY 41701