10 ChiChi Restaurants to Delight Discerning Palates in Millstone Township, New Jersey

The old ways of preparing grilled cheese, tapas, salads or pastas have changed beyond recognition with that new trend which is sweeping the nation. Well, thankfully the chefs in Millstone Township, New Jersey create culinary masterpieces of their own volition. They aren’t followers. Sometimes you start shopping for later and you ask the trusty, old cell: “Where can I buy organic peaches, cabbage and blueberries in New Jersey?” And then you realize it would be easier to let a professional handle dinner.

Gourmands from Chicago may not understand life here. Frankly they can be rude AF. The critics can go hop on a one way bus to Boston.

On second thought, as if anyone local actually gives two rips about uninformed views anyways. Trust us on this. You’ll realize you have never really tasted burgers and pizzas before once you try the menu options here.

Digest cooking tips from the apt chefs de cuisine as they prepare cabbage, spinach and blueberries in a manner that lets the flavors dance off right off the table and into your mouth. Prix fixe is a hot topic these days throughout the Tri-State. Check to see if that’s available first.

The restaurants are ever so appetizing. And we’ve selected the very best. Students from Princeton University will want to write a paper titled “The Best Thing I Ever Ate in the Garden State and How It Changed My Life” after tasting these revolutionary restaurants.


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