7 Feedbags for Special Occasions By Tilton, New Hampshire

Tilton, New Hampshire is a top spot for its thrilling canteens and Russian or Indian fare. The gruberies can cause indigestion because you will eat too much of the biscuits and gravy or kale salads. It’s the highest compliment around here.

If you still believe that Tilton, New Hampshire only offers food from gross chains like McDonald’s and Subway, then prepare to be dazzled. Frankly, global Jennifer Lopezs may prefer to vacation and dine in other places.

Outside opinions from those pesky Homo Sapiens from Boston or Providence are unwelcome. But the locavores are already over it. Fiending for organic veggies? Or do you want a seafood dish instead. Or maybe both!

In an era of conformity and fast food, these grill masters are on the vanguard of the revolution. You could label them food freedom fighters. You will be first shocked and then delighted by what’s even possible with lobsters, apple ciders and maple syrup. On payday, got money burning a hole in your pocket? Aren’t you lucky!? Yes, there are expensive options here where you can take bae. But there are also working class cafeteries which are worthwhile.

It is pointless to be hungry as a bear when there is endless variety. Have fun and eat well friends.

Ciao Pasta

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