12 Pleasing Restaurants Which Define Eating Habits in Plainfield, New Hampshire

The old ways of preparing bagels or chowders have changed beyond recognition with that new trend which is sweeping the nation. Well, thankfully the chefs in Plainfield, New Hampshire create culinary masterpieces of their own volition. They aren’t followers. Local Granite Staters have been posting delicious pics on Pinterest from the following restaurants. The hype is reaching epic proportions as new cafes and saloons pop up constantly to satisfy our hunger.

However, there are still hedonistic naysayers who haven’t given Plainfield, New Hampshire a fair shake yet. Hollywood fav Jamie Oliver and the like can take their attitudes somewhere else.

Plainfield, New Hampshire is true foodie territory. And the human beings here do not care if celeb chefs feature this place on food TV. These places are the definition of delectable. You can never go wrong with a cheeseburger served up with fries or a salad. But there are also more advanced choices available.

It’s intriguing to witness how the waiters and waitresses represent the variety of the people living all over the Switzerland of America. Your server may be a clean cut and well-dressed alum from Lebanon College. Or they could be hipsters with colorful clothing. Either way, they are all passionate about gastronomy. A four course meal is possible. Or you could sneak in a quick snack.

Are these restaurants signalling the culinary apocalypse or is the age of gastronomic enlightenment beckoning us back to the table? Only you can cast your ballot with your tongue and fork. Your mouth will grin soon. It is about to take a trip to paradise. We hope there is a ticket for your tongue!

Elixir Restaurant

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188 S Main St
White River Junction, VT 05001