8 Stirring Eateries to Enjoy in Humboldt, Kansas

Humboldt, Kansas is known now for its captivating restaurants that will warm your hearts, satiate your stomachs and leave memories that last a lifetime. It was all a dream. We used to read boring cooking magazines. And then we stumbled upon Humboldt, Kansas and its tasty restaurants.

Weirdly, the restaurateurs around Humboldt, Kansas still don’t get the praise they have earned. Unfair! Ok please just stop what you are doing and listen.

Ignorant outsider ‘hot takes’ from Indianapolis bloggers are usually unwarranted anyways. And the locavores here are already over it. Whether you want BBQ, baked beans or vegetarian tonight, these eateries have the variety you need to keep the whole family happy.

Our editors picked the classic institutions from the Wheat State and mixed in a few surprises from the area to create a very eatable listicle. These eateries will satisfy the most discerning palates.

These restaurants are perfect for business travelers, tourists and locavores too in Humboldt, Kansas. Your stomach will thank you.

Coronado Mexican Restaurant

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1401 East St
Iola, KS 66749