13 Times That Amber Rose Has Been Really Primed for the Next Adventure

Amber Rose is popular in Paris. She is popular in London and Rome too. She is popular all over this world! She is actually an influential voice on marginalized communities if you stop and think about it.

Girl, you’re original and cannot be replaced. To her hardcore fans, it sure looks like there’s nothing missing in her life. But we wouldn’t be surprised if she is seeking higher truths.

Negative influences used to scream their opinions whether or not she could ever defeat her main rival and take over the winner’s seat. She is a tenacious woman though and she will likely triumph in the end. If you bet against her, you will likely lose.

Even though Amber Rose is a total pro, she shows you can be quirky with your BFF during the chill times. Amber Rose understands how to dress to impress. She can project her power in many subtle ways.

The following examples prove why and how Amber Rose slays everyday. Let us recap a handful of the reasons why we completely fell in love with Amber Rose.