11 Inspiring Restaurants All Tourists Should Enjoy in Watertown, Connecticut

If you are going to ld Furnace State Park, we highly recommend a short stopover in Watertown, Connecticut. Venture beyond the roadside dinners, dives and food truck trends. Tasty meals await nearby.

Major food critics still don’t know how nosh-worthy all the restaurants in Watertown, Connecticut are these days. For real: this area should be on the radar for gourmands outside Southern New England.

Watertown, Connecticut is a legit foodie destination. To make that clear, the boys and girls around these parts do not give a rep whether some celebrity chef features this place on TV. Looking for buffet restaurants? Or do you want top table service. Or maybe both!

If you like cured meats, you will be inspired by how these cool chefs use hot sauces, sriracha, chili peppers and garlic in their roasts. The depth of flavor is remarkably marvelous at any restaurant in this vicinity.

We may be wrong or we may be right. But it feels so good to get lost in culinary paradise. You will be happy as a lark if you eat around here.

Sunset Grille At Crestbrook Park

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834 Northfield Rd
Watertown, CT 06795