5 Saloons and Bistros for Fine Fodder Around Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts is stocked with flavorable restaurants. Secret restaurants are hidding in plain sight.

Snobs from Washington that want healthy meal delivery might disparage these places. Whatever! The skeptics will all be proven wrong once they see the hotness on Facebook.

Our hope is that these dishes will deliver a message of “peas” to warring culinary factions. Whatever you desire, these restaurants are ready to serve. We got chicken dishes, beef entrees, fresh seafood, huge chops, you name it.

Massachusites who grew up to be chefs around here follow no recipes or rules. They only listen to their own bulging bellies. You can find restaurants in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts that are artsy and cater exclusively to cosmopolitans from Portland, Maine or Hartford. Yet, it is worth noting that there are plenty of options for parents and the middle classes.

Sample our curated list of the top aromatic restaurants anywhere around Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Your taste buds are about to take a trip to cloud nine.

Lakeside Bar & Grille

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97 Boston Tpke
Shrewsbury, MA 01545