11 Romantic Grub Stops for Hangry Millennials from Keene, New Hampshire

Keene, New Hampshire has a plethora of pleasant restaurants for baby boomers and seniors alike. These places serve up the taste of childhood. You might think mama is back there in the kitchen.

Does it ever irk you that men and women from New York City and Boston think of this vicinity as the boondocks? Who cares if the timeless recipes for pizza and burgers are featured on the Food Network?

Keene, New Hampshire is the type of city that is truly authentic and that makes us all feel good. Longing for some African or Creole tonight? We got you! Or how about some belly busting vegetarian. Even meat lovers would convert if they could taste these dishes.

In Keene, New Hampshire, the menus are often organized according to sustainably harvested, healthy ingredients. But you can always opt for tried and true classics like salads and fish. In Keene, New Hampshire, there are flavorful choices that are alternative and cosmopolitan but also enough places that serve labor.

There are still ways to stretch a buck at these picks. Time for food.

Ramuntos Brick Oven Pizza

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176 Main St
Keene, NH 03431