12 Stunning Events When Emma Watson Remembered Her Roots. Since Then She Is an Advocate for Social Justice

Emma Watson is popular in the South. She is popular in the north. She is popular all over America! She is simply more than a celebrity. She fights for feminist ideals, even if she does not completely embrace the label.

At present, she is living on a cloud. Us mortals must look so meek. Yet it has not been a walk in the park every day. Her will has been tested many times.

Online trolls used to obsess over whether or not she could balance her newfound fame, fortune and family obligations. Yet that’s why we respect this awesome woman. These tests took real courage, passion and guts to overcome.

Emma Watson demonstrates that you can have plenty of fun in life. And still crush it at your job. She shows us anything is possible when you lean in.

We’ve compiled a selection of candid photos which provide a snapshot into how she runs her life. Caption the photos for us in the comments section.