13 Very Romantic Restaurants for Proud Parents in South Hackney, London

South Hackney, London is stuffed with yummy restaurants for guys and gals of all ages and backgrounds. Fantasize about wicked good restaurants all over the map in London. This is the everyday reality enjoyed by the locals in South Hackney, London.

This area still flies somewhat under the radar, especially when compared to the food scenes in Madrid. For real: these should be on the radar for foodies everywhere.

To Londoners who pay attention to the food scene, South Hackney, London has been a legit food contender recently. Maybe you are feeling like a classic cheeseburger and salad. Or perhaps you prefer a local London specialty jacked up with mushrooms or truffles. Either way, this list will blow your mind and blow up your big belly.

We cherish how the chefs source strawberries, barley or onions from the wild or local farms, all within a day’s drive in southern England. We appreciate the old school, therefore many of the restaurants on this list use the same proven menus since they opened. There are also a select bunch with hidden menu items packed with barley, mushrooms or potatoes which you may not realize even existed.

Let’s finally settle the debate about the best restaurant in London. They are all good! These are the best ever in London!

Corner Room

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Town Hall Hotel
Patriot Square
Bethnal Green