15 Truly Authentic Restaurants for Families Near Covington, Washington

Have you ever tasted real red raspberries, hops and spearmint before? Picky palates have tried them all, from sea to shining sea. And trust us, these are the absolute best.

If you speculate that Washington only offers road side dives and food shacks, then brace yourself to be amazed. Evaluate these restaurants for what they are worth and how many smiles they bring to Washingtonians. Actually don’t chew the fat at all if you aren’t willing to have an open mouth.

At the Exception Magazine, we generally attempt to find out about the most influential places and inspiring people. We tend to boast about all that is wonderful for food in Covington, Washington. If you like to go with seafood, meat or even veggies like beans for your primary protein, it’s easy to find something filling. The friendly waiters and waitresses in Covington, Washington can easily match your taste preferences with the perfect dish.

Weekender tourists to Washington will be amazed at how these chefs use totally authentic ingredients like potatoes, nectarines or apricots and other ingredients from nearby Pierce, Grays Harbor and Walla Walla counties. Tasty diner destinations tend to be bohemian in the usual restaurant clusters. Meanwhile, across town, the restaurants supply comfort foods to the crowds.

These restaurants are perfect for business travelers, tourists and locavores too in Covington, Washington. These are the best ever for chowders and steaks in Washington!


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29030 216th Ave SE
Black Diamond, WA 98010