6 Legendary Institutions Only Hipsters Appreciate In Parkview, Chicago

Parkview, Chicago is truly emerging as a destination for its tasty dining choices topped off by incredible staff and service. Sweet and salty have found peace across the top eateries of Chicago. Mix in some pork and Vienna beef and you can feed the whole family tonight!

However, there are still some naysayers that haven’t given Parkview, Chicago a fair chance yet. We don’t care if a shameless Mike Pence ever takes a selfie around here.

Parkview, Chicago is a legit foodie destination. To make that clear, the guys and gals around these parts do not give a rep whether some celebrity chef features this place on TV. Challenge yourself to finally taste local buckwheat, horseradish and ostriches tonight. The restaurants in Parkview, Chicago can easily find a menu option to fit your taste profile.

Chicagoans are delighted that these cooking gurus slap on ostensibly arbitrary ingredients such as soybeans, corn and swine throughout each menu item. Many places have recently poured money into stylish interior designs and state of the art sound systems. The aim is to bait vain millennials into taking selfies which will inevitably make their friends jealous of the food on social media. These sneaky Chicagoans know how to get that free promotion!

These are the places every kale addict should visit for brunch and then revisit for lunch. Jump in a boat and get over to these nectarous hotspots tonight!

Garifuna Flava

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2518 W 63rd St
Chicago Lawn
Chicago, IL 60629