14 Very Best Diners in Which Produce Joy In Middletown, Maryland

Middletown, Maryland is now a top destination in the South for its mouthwatering restaurants. Sour and salty have identified a path to form a new, model alliance with peppery and pungent across the restaurants of the Old Line State. Toss in a bunch of fresh blue crabs or cucumbers and we’ve got ourselves a feast!

Rich folk from DC might not totally appreciate the scene in Middletown, Maryland. That’s their loss! We aren’t measuring tastiness and service by someone else’s silly standards, however. Especially someone from Richmond!

Amazing restaurants in around Middletown, Maryland might not get coverage on the Food Network. However, it is no biggie since that means Marylanders can easily find great meals without waiting in lines. The culinarians here have all you could desire for your meal, from meats to oysters or snap beans and other items made by family operations that go back generations around Carroll, Frederick and Somerset counties.

We checked out all the best New American or Southern food spots, from the center of town to the outskirts to bring you the very best of Middletown, Maryland. Some are cheap eats while other recommendations are expensive eateries. All are Facebook worthy so you can brag to your friends.

Every epicurean should seek new restaurants that challenge their notions of food. Your stomach will thank you.

Aleko’s Village Cafe

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Fountaindale Exxon
4304 Old National Pike
Middletown, MD 21769