7 Diners and Bistros to Revel in Gluttony Near Rising Sun, Maryland

Rising Sun, Maryland should be on your restaurant bucket list. The chow has become wicked good.

However, even though there have been lasting strides forward in the local food landscape, too many tastemakers from DC remain blissfully unaware of this reality. We aren’t measuring tastiness and service by someone else’s silly standards, however. Especially someone from Philadelphia!

That just leaves bigger portions for us. Nom! Nom! So many classic recipes will come from families that go back generations around Rising Sun, Maryland.

In this epoch of cheap and nasty fast food, these chefs are on the vanguard of the revolution. You could label them freedom fighters for food. They would make their ancestors in Maryland proud. Some of these restaurants in Rising Sun, Maryland are dirt cheap while the remaining are deluxe. All are Instagram worthy.

Below, delight your hangry eyes with the best list ever of the top rated restaurants in Maryland. Let us grub in Rising Sun, Maryland.

Pizza Tower 2

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224 E Main St
Rising Sun, MD 21911