Are civilized presidential debates even possible?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have already gone head-to-head in two debates with the third and final one scheduled for Oct. 19.

Among the millions tuning in will be Carolyn Lukensmeyer, executive director of the University of Arizona’s National Institute for Civil Discourse, (NICD), a nonpartisan advocacy, research, and policy center focused on increasing civility in public and political discourse.

The institute this year issued a list of Standards of Conduct for Debates for candidates, moderators, and audience members. More than 65 organizations have signed on in official support of the standards, and more than 1,200 individuals have signed a petition on asking debate moderators to adopt and adhere to the standards, which include statements such as “I want the debaters to answer the question being asked by the moderator” and “I want moderators to enforce rules equally.”

In an interview with Alexis Blue from the communications office at the University of Arizona, Lukensmeyer discussed this year’s political campaign—and how the average person can promote civility in public discourse.

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