13 Obesity Causing Munch Factories That Are Shamelessly Awesome All Over Brixton, London

Brixton, London is now a hip restaurant destination in Great Britain that is finally getting the respect it deserves. Food is mouthwatering and inspiring here. Flavors take your tongue for an adventure like no where else in the UK.

Yet to this day, too many critics have not given chefs in Brixton, London a fair chance. Who cares if these recipes are featured on the Food Network?

Here at the Exception Magazine, we always try to seek out influential places and inspiring people. We tend to brag about all that is wonderful about food in Brixton, London. Fiending for organic veggies? Or do you want a seafood dish instead. Or maybe both!

These restaurants are legendary in the big Smoke because they’ve mastered how to provide ample opportunities to eat outside or dine inside by tablecloth. Londoners living in Brixton, London have reported that a select set of restaurants here are truly local secrets. Others are well-known across London for the food. Rest assured, all are worthy of Facebook bragging.

Cockneys recognize that sometimes you have to start the adventure with the first bite. Get ready for a mouthfeel of delight.

The Beast of Brixton

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