11 Greasy Joints That Are Revolutionizing Gastronomy Near El Dorado, Kansas

El Dorado, Kansas has terrific hip restaurants open now, open late and always nearby. Local chefs from the Great Plains really are skilled at cooking and you can see top form here.

The indifferent pundits from Portland may not understand life here. Oddly, they can be rude AF about it too. If you don’t hate at least one item on your plate, then you aren’t being adventurous enough.

Diners and cafes based around El Dorado, Kansas tend to challenge hegemonic food narratives. This is a true foodie revolution and it will take years for the fancy folk in Boston to fully grasp the implications. Fiending for authentic local specialties created in nearby Decatur, Cowley and Ellsworth counties? Or do you want classic pastas and Boston cream pies instead. Or why not both?

Watch and learn from the skilled kitchen experts. You might catch a glimpse of how they carefully prepare pork and chard to pull out all the flavors. Here’s a pro tip: ask for the off menu items.

Epicureans from Manhattan should seek new restaurants that challenge deeply held convictions about food. Get ready to take it to the next level.

No Mercy BBQ

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104 E 6th Ave
Augusta, KS 67010