7 Ravishing Moments When Amber Rose Will Be Eternally SO BAD It Hurts

Our planet needs more positive and inspiring figures. To us, this is why we all need a little more Amber Rose in our lives. She is known for being two bits sassy and three bits a whole lot of fun. Amber Rose is a bona fide superstar.

There are so many young men who are super fans of this powerful lady. But there were plenty of haters out there.

People obsessing over who she is (or isn’t dating). It’s borderline sexist. But check the record now. The haters have been silenced.

Amber Rose is one of the all-time greats. She knows how to dress to impress.

These pretty photos outline exactly how she built her amazing career. She is now a true rock star in our book. Below we examine the prime reasons we like Amber Rose.