11 Fine Eating Options for a Powerluncheon Near Lincoln, Rhode Island

Are you traveling to a Brown Bears game and wondering where the real Pats fans like to feast? For authenticity in the Northeast, find an excuse to visit Lincoln, Rhode Island. Rhodeans are total foodies. The chefs in the Northeast have migrated to Rhode Island to make memorable menus featuring clams, whiting and squid.

The dining stories from Lincoln, Rhode Island deserve to be told in the local newspapers. All right please stop, collaborate and listen.

This part of New England doesn’t want or seek celebrity chef approval. Desire Soul Food or American for dinner? Or maybe helpings of salads are what you need for brunch.

Many of the primo ingredients come from family farms around Lincoln, Rhode Island. We specifically like the old school institutions in Lincoln, Rhode Island. It’s like eating history.

Let us finally settle the age old debate about the hottest restaurants in Lincoln, Rhode Island. You will be happy as a lark if you eat around here.

Wicked Good Bar And Grill

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100 Twin River Rd
Lincoln, RI 02865