7 ChiChi Restaurants for Fussy Gourmands in Wharton, New Jersey

Wharton, New Jersey is surprisingly one of the best places on earth for vegetarians. These New Jersey restaurants will make you put away that old crock pot because why cook yourself?

Although this town warrants more recognition in the local media, there are food snobs who haven’t tasted the culinary triumphs yet. Who cares if the secret family recipes are promoted on the Food Network?

Wharton, New Jersey doesn’t need celebrity chef validation. Whether you are considering going with meat or veggies for your primary protein, it’s easy to find something satisfying. The friendly waiters and waitresses in Wharton, New Jersey can easily match your taste preferences with the perfect dish.

These chefs are rebels with a cause. Old timers in Wharton, New Jersey particularly recommend trying out the old school institutions whenever they are showing around out of towners.

We’ve selected the very best places to eat high on the hog. Your sweet tooth will thank you.

Theodora’s Family Restaurant and Pizza

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336 S Main St
Wharton, NJ 07885