14 Superb Restaurants with the Greatest Chefs of Columbia, South Carolina

Ever try broilers and watermelons before? The menu options tend to be on the creative side yet they are tastefully done here in Columbia, South Carolina.

The food scene in South Carolina will make any real chef jealous. But for whatever reason, there are still doubters out there, particularly when it comes to the Korean or Greek options. Whatever. Like none of that noise makes any difference to the chefs in Columbia, South Carolina.

Columbia, South Carolina doesn’t want or seek validation from celebrity chefs. Whether patrons like brown bread, potatoes or baked beans for your starch, there are hearty restaurants matched for your tastes.

We can honestly say that real humans make the food around here. You can taste the attention to detail and pride in their culinary creations. Why not support the local food scene and the most promising young top chefs from Dixieland?

Use Open Table, the phone, whatever you need to do to get a reservation. Enjoy.

Publick House

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2307 Devine St
Columbia, SC 29205