7 Cheerful Restaurants for a Date Night with Bae Around Freeport, Maine

Freeport, Maine contains an embarrassing number of exciting, delicious restaurants. The food in Freeport, Maine is simply incredible. The world needs to know!

The skeptics may not understand life here. We are not all fans of Angelie Jolie. Pinging Captain Obvious: the chefs sense when the pot is calling the kettle black

We know we can eat right here. Let’s fantasize about the perfect day for Moxie Drinkers. Real residents would cap off a foray to with a visit to one of their favorite restaurants in Freeport, Maine.

It’s difficult to trust a skinny chef and propitiously, most of them from Vacationland have never met a doughnut they didn’t like. You really need to experience these places first-hand to see why so many people are fans. Regulars find the depth of flavors to be phenomenal at any restaurant nearby.

To wrap this up like a hot sandwich, we have picked establishments that balance modern cuisine with menus stuffed with lobsters, clams and mussels. Your date will be drooling by the first bite and leave smiling after the gulp of Maine beer.

Azure Cafe

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123 Main St
Freeport, ME 04032