Why Ken Bone Is the Hero America Needs Now

Kenneth Bone has become the Internet’s boyfriend ever since asking Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump about energy policy at the most recent debate.

Apparently, Ken Bone is still undecided about who to vote for! He likes Trump for his economic plans but Hillary on social issues like gay marriage.

Ken is the lovable, overweight everyman who inadvertently expressed what many voters are feeling. It’s hard to pick between the Democrat and Republican running for President because both are taking the low road this campaign!

In reality, America’s new hero Ken Bone is a married man from Belleville, Illinois who works in the energy industry. But with his newfound fame, Ken should make a pretty penny during his 15 minutes. He is already hawking a Ken Bone t-shirt. We hope he launches a red sweater company ASAP too!

Move over Harambe. #KenBone is the new star of Instagram.  Below we have selected the 12 most hilarious Ken Bone memes to help you understand why the entire web is headed to the #BoneZone.