8 Legit Munch Destinations to Chow Down in Franklin, New Hampshire

Where would you take a first date in Franklin, New Hampshire? It’s not always a simple question for the local New Hampshirites. Are you ready to gawk at the greatest ethnic food or Italian grub in New Hampshire?

Even though Franklin, New Hampshire deserves more credit, there are still foodies who haven’t experienced or tasted the greatness. The reality is, many of those super fussy people from Providence likely believe that Pizza Hut has decent pizza. Therefore, those people really have no taste or valid views on food.

Oligarchs from Boston, Brooklyn or Seattle wouldn’t know good Mexican, Jewish-style delicatessens, Old World European or New California if it smacked ’em right in the kisser. Can you imagine that image!? Consumers could be biting into a dish straight from a deep-fryer right now. Or nibbling on sustainably grown, fresh vegetables if that’s how they want to defeat the day’s food lust.

At the most popular restaurants in Franklin, New Hampshire, the proud staff will offer shrewd picks regarding which microbrews from the Granite State will go well with the food. Celebrate life with good friends, great wine and a top quality meal at an exciting American or Latin place.

We may be wrong or we may be right. But it feels ever so good to be lost in food paradise. Dear friends old and new from Paris, join our tables for the top cuisine in Northern New England.

Soda Shoppe of Franklin

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901 Central St
Franklin, NH 03235