13 Most Incredible Restaurants to Satisfy Cravings Around Fairfax, Vermont

Fairfax, Vermont has heaps of hip table turners. Vermont restaurants have a reputation in the Northeast for giving guests a blast of heartburn. Face it: you will likely eat too much milk and maple syrup while here. But don’t worry. It will be worth it.

Be that as it may, too many critics have not given the chefs in this community a fair chance. We Vermonters refuse to track taste and service by some sad critic’s arbitrary standards however. Who appointed them judge and jury of fine feasting?

This article is dedicated to all the epicureans that told us we’d never amount to nothing. And to all the men and women that lived in Paris or London while we were hustling and just trying to make some money to feed our families. If you want a good Pakistani food, you may need to keep searching. But nectarous pizza? Check. Authentic tacos? No problemo! Top bang for the buck, YUP. What else could you dream of?

If you like milk products, you will love how these cool cooks feature heavy creams and tangy cheeses in their sauce bases. Some of the hot spots below are proudly bourgeois while the rest cater to the proletariat.

Our selections are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Experience the future of food.

Brewster River Pub & Brewery

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4087 Vt Rt 108 S
Jeffersonville, VT 05464