8 Greasy Munch Joints That Challenge Everything About Food In Fountain Inn, South Carolina

Fountain Inn, South Carolina is a top spot for its thrilling canteens and vegetarian and Cajun fare. Piquant aromas await every turn in this town.

The lazy pundits may not understand life in this South Carolina. For example, most South Carolinians do not really follow Sarah Palin. Who cares though? The food is good and that is what matters.

To be totally candid, opinions by nitwit food bloggers from Atlanta are typically sloppy and plain dull. Desire those famous pork and watermelons for breakfast and dinner? Or maybe kale and organic farm eggs are what you want for brunch and lunch. Either way, we got you covered.

Sandlappers who are chefs here are also badasses. Patrons can have their cake and eat it too anywhere in town.

Who doesn’t love jumbo portions? Because let’s face it: you are better than your bulge on a Wednesday. We’d suggest you save room for chickens and watermelons. Munch away, good friends.

Stella’s Southern Bistro

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684 Fairview Rd
Simpsonville, SC 29680