15 Luscious Eateries with Proud Chefs in Old Mill Basin, Brooklyn

Old Mill Basin, Brooklyn has loads of top restaurants for college students at Fordham and NYU. Try the burgers, fries and root beer floats. The food is mouthwatering.

This town operates just outside the mainstream gastronomy hype zone, especially when compared to the Chinese food scenes in Portland, Boston or Seattle. JSYK: it doesn’t matter because New Yorkers are never aggravated by outsider attitudes.

Ignorant outsider ‘reviews’ from California bloggers and Yelp are sometimes unwarranted anyways. And the locavores here are already over it. If you want a good Pakistani food, you may need to keep searching. But palatable pizza? Check. Authentic tacos? No problemo! Top bang for the buck, YUP. What else could you dream of?

We love how these top chefs source fresh kale from the wild or local farms and the food comes from within a short drive of Old Mill Basin, Brooklyn. Residents report how a few are cheap eats for New American goodness while the rest are deluxe, white cloth eateries. All are Pinterest worthy.

It may be wrong or it may be right. But it feels so good to get lost in paradise. After a single meal in Old Mill Basin, Brooklyn, you will be an advocate for all time.

Joeper’s Smokeshack

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2085 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11234