9 Cool Feedbags In Marlborough, New York

Business people venturing to Albany often will finagle an excuse to stop for food in Marlborough, New York. This is not an exaggeration. The restaurants in Marlborough, New York are causing a revolution regarding how human beings think about BBQ or seafood cuisine.

Skinny girls and buff bros from Pennsylvania may not fight for this community or think a trip to Lake Flower is cool anymore. Who cares though. The skeptics will be proven wrong.

Earth oligarchs wouldn’t know good New York grub if it smacked them right in the kisser. Imagine that image! Still think this town is all about chicken and potato dishes? Think again.

The ensuing gruberies range from hot spots for a powerluncheon to candle lit, adorable places for a fun night out. Some of the hip food joints below are proudly gauche for chilling with your basics. Others are quite bourgeois.

Epicureans from New York should seek new restaurants that challenge deeply held convictions about food. Nothing says “Welcome Home” like plowing into a buffet of Boston cream pies.

Ship Lantern Inn

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1725 Rt 9W
Milton, NY 12547