8 Tastiest Supper Clubs with Sustainable Ingredients Sourced by Northampton township, Pennsylvania

Stop and listen. You need to know that Northampton township, Pennsylvania has become a top town for appetizing, healthy food. Savory and salty find a way to exist in harmony, just like the fine people in Pennsylvania.

This forgotten stretch within the Keystone State may not win a bunch of cooking magazine awards. No matter though! All that being said, real Pennsylvanians would never compare their gastronomic greatness with other regions.

Earth oligarchs wouldn’t know good Pennsylvania grub if it smacked them right in the kisser. Imagine that image! Maybe you are feeling like a classic bacon burger. Or perhaps you prefer a trendy eatery for your date night. Either way, this list has you covered.

Weekender tourists to Pennsylvania will be amazed at how these chefs use totally authentic ingredients like sweet potatoes, dairy and mushrooms and other ingredients from nearby Huntingdon, Mifflin and Jefferson counties. Why not celebrate the good life and support the local economy?

Can we now settle the debate about the best restaurant in Pennsylvania? Are you hungry yet? This list will leave any gourmand hangry for more.

Guru’s Indian Cuisine

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12 Cambridge Ln
Newtown, PA 18940