15 Stirring Eateries to Revel in Gluttony Near Reading, Pennsylvania

Reading, Pennsylvania has been gifted with an embarrassing number of swank restaurants. The chow is so ambrosial in Pennsylvania.

Menu items like garden salads can become really cool food hacks, especially when the top chefs find novel ways to use up leftover maple sugars, corn and edible mushrooms. But food snobs from New Orleans don’t appreciate the simple things in life. The doubters would all be proven wrong if they just gave Reading a chance.

To grill masters in the know, this provincial civic area has bona fide food credentials. So you think this town is only about seafood or Mexican food? Think again.

You may learn from the skilled chefs how to really prepare maple sugars and edible mushrooms to pull out the flavors. Want an insider tip to have a wonderful time? Ask how much spice is in the food so it’s more to your liking.

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Judy’s on Cherry

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332 Cherry St
Reading, PA 19602