6 Munch Stands for the Finest Food in Troy, New York

Going to a United States Military Academy Black Knights game at West Point and wondering where to eat along the way in New York? Consider a stop in Troy, New York. At these eateries, natural allies like salt and sugar can coexist peacefully alongside sours in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The indifferent pundits from Maine or New Hampshire may not understand life here. Oddly, they can be rude AF about it too. Snobs like Jaden Smith should really focus on other markets.

No holds barred, the top chefs nearby are not that bothered by trivial attitudes anyways. After you’ve had plenty of fun at Lake Flower, cruise by these fetching places and take delight eating apples and oysters which came from New York.

Many of the ingredients come from farms in the Northeast. We can just imagine Barba Streisand waltzing in to grab a table at any moment.

There’s a crisis in creativity at so many eateries across America. Thankfully the restaurants here have the cure. Bon appetit, friendly guys and gals representing the Empire State!

Peck’s Arcade

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217 Broadway
Troy, NY 12180