5 Boarding Houses for Couples in Worcestor

The hotels in Worcestor have dramatically improved over the years. We love the 1970s but don’t want to have a retro experience during our stay. Thankfully there are modern choices.

Finding a perfect hotel in Worcestor can be problematic if you delay until the prime tourist season. We realize that each person has his or her own criteria to define ‘best hotel.’

It is well-know that many business travellers will pay extra for amenities and location. But some office workers want to find safe picks for a budget. Or perhaps you want to be near all the top restaurants in Worcestor.

The following hotels in this photo gallery have been selected to be the absolute best in Worcestor. Prepare to feel like a celebrity.

Hilton Garden Inn

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35 Major Taylor Blvd
Worcester, MA 01608