6 Diners and Saloons with Dashing Culinarians Around Emerson Hill, Staten Island

Which restaurants would you recommend to your family in Emerson Hill, Staten Island? There are too many amazing choices. The sustenance is actually amazing everywhere in New York City. And especially in this town.

However, despite the recent traction, too many gourmands from DC, Boston or Portland are ignorant of the facts. To be totally honest with you dear readers, Chrissy Teigen probably would not provide a good review of the Cajun or Italian grub here if or when there was a visit to New York City. But that would never bother these residents one iota.

You could write a college thesis paper at Vassar on how these amazing restaurants have changed the culture for the better. Craving for cutting-edge, asian-inspired restaurants? Or maybe your family simply wants an old institution for salmon and shrimp or pizzas and hot sandwiches.

We can boastfully report that real guys and gals make the food around here. And they source from local farms when possible. Some of these restaurants in Emerson Hill, Staten Island are cheap for New Hampshirites on a budget and some are tony for tourists from away. All are Facebook worthy.

Many come to New York City for a trip to a US Open Tennis match but we wouldn’t be surprised if they stay for the food in Emerson Hill, Staten Island. So grab a deuce with your Bae and dine right tonight.

Marie’s Gourmet

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977 Victory Blvd
Silver Lake
Staten Island, NY 10301