11 Secret Munch Spots Which Feed the Folks of Westminster, Vermont

If you are going to the Long Trail, we highly recommend a short stopover in Westminster, Vermont. Our mouths have tasted it all, from Montpelier to Portland, Maine. These truly are the ultimate.

Yet even today, Vermont gets no respect from the culinary fanboys in Montreal. Rachel Khoo can chow elsewhere for all we are care.

Last night, we lost our patience and realized this town needed an article to capture its glory. Looking for cutting-edge vegan or vegetarian restaurants? Or maybe you need to fill up at a classic standby for steaks and chops.

The ciders is top-tier and the accompanying early bird specials are also legit in Westminster, Vermont. Here’s a pro tip: ask for the daily specials and any food made with milk and honey.

Check out our curated list of the top delish restaurants anywhere around Westminster, Vermont. Your sweet tooth will thank you.

MacLaomainn’s Scottish Pub

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52 S Main St
Chester, VT 05143